21 Oct

Blogs With Purpose and Blogs That Fail

As we all may know, blogging is a very organic and useful way to create content for your site. I ran into two very diverse articles commenting on why some blogs succeed at serving their purpose and why others fail


Blogs With Purpose

The biggest point behind the first article was understanding and maintaining your prupose behind the blog. The way to do this is by:

  • Define and redefine your goals
    • Selling more product
    • Meet like minded
    • Building your level of authority
    • Directing traffic to your website
    • Generating ad revenue
    • Getting ad feedback
  • Define your target audience and speak to them
    • Your audience might be made up of other bloggers but don't exclude everyone else
  • Define ROI for your blog
    • subscribers or comments might not be a successful enough ROI for some
  • Don't be afraid to promote your products and services
  • Don't let other influence your writing too much


Blogs That Fail


Although the second article mostly relates to corporate and business blogging, there are many points that can help with all blogging:

  • Blogs vs. corporate culture
    • Blogging might not be right for you and/or your company
  • Editorial control issues
    • If you can't say what you want the way you want it, your message and purpose might be lost
  • Unfamiliarity with blog structure
    • Reading more blogs helps figure out the best way to write them
    • There are many blog tutorial out there to help
  • Misunderstanding your audience
  • Crafting a corporate voice instead of a personal one
    • Makes the readers feel like the are being sold to and not learning
  • Attempting to sell or market
    • an all around no-no

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