23 Oct
Written by Anonymous

Can You Digg It?

I love Digg cause there are so many links to articles, blogs and videos, it's almost like a one stop shop for internet ganderers. Unfortunately, they may have taken their "advertiser" free attitude a little too far according to one such writer. Apparently, they are cracking down and starting to ban many more users and their domain because of being too spammy. What costitutes being spammy nowadays?
Should you not be able post on Digg if you have any advertising to your site. What if your stories really are giving valuable information, like a car dealership wiritng a story called "Ten Ways to Spot a Junker"? Or maybe a golf merchandiser who is telling you about a better back swing. Sometimes it's these sites who are selling stuff who have the real professionals around them and have the best information. Shouldn't an internet marketing site be able to tell the rest of the web about how to search engine optimize or the best tips on doing paid search advertising better. Who would know how to do it better?
Also, isn't there enough articles on Digg that blatently advertise or return you to advertising sites. The Youtube posts, the newspaper articles (which run from advertising), picture comments from Flickr...all of these have advertising structure but aren't banned. I am not saying to ban them either. What I am saying is maybe Digg should look at all the articles a little more closely before automatically banning on domain, url or username.

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