07 Oct
Written by Lyal Avery
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Five Can't Fail Link Building Strategies

There's no way of getting around it. If you want your site to dominate the search engines, you need lots of quality links to your content. The important word here is quality - anyone can get many links that won't do much for their rankings. Luckily, there's plenty of great ways to generate links (and all five of those listed here are free, requiring just a little bit of elbow grease to get started!)

  1. Start a blog about your business on blogger.com or Wordpress.com. Make sure to link back to your site in the footer of your template. Create create content and keep viewers updated on the happenings of your business.
  2. Create social media accounts for yourself or your site. LinkedIn, Delicious, Reddit, Furl, and many others are great places for link generation.
  3. Make real (this is important) and helpful comments on blogs in your industry. You'll get some traffic out of the deal, and you may establish important relationships in your industry, which can be great for later link building.
  4. Send out some emails! You never know if someone will link to you until you ask. Make sure to return the favour before you do though.
  5. Search for free directories in Google and Yahoo. Make sure to only use those with PageRank as these sites are worthy of being included in Google.

As always, you can drop us a line through our contact page if you need help with your link building campaign!

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