11 Dec
Written by Lyal Avery
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Google: Move Over Sedo - We're Offering Adsense for Domains

The domain industry has a new major player: Google.

Domaining, the practice of throwing ad-based, content-devoid sites, and monetizing them, is more popular than ever.  Locally, the infamous Kevin Ham of Reinvent Media has brought the industry to the forefront of many business magazines (after-all, how many smaller companies can claim revenues of 70 million a year?) 

From typo traffic to common words or phrases, chances are, if people are typing it into a browser bar, someone has it registered.  Parking companies (there are two many to mention here) make the progress as simple as changing nameservers over to their programs.  This means that the only cost of doing business in the space is the cost of domain registration and the related research to find the domain names.

Surprisingly, "do no evil" Google has been a large player in a space normally categorized with comment and email spammers.  They have a large ad demand, so domains make a natural fit.  Previous to this announcement, Google stayed out of the light by only dealing with large portfolio players.

No longer! 

I, for one, am excited to see the field leveled for the average person, but at the same time, I think Google and all the other mainstream players need to fess up to their involvement in the most despised corner of the internet: making money.

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