20 Oct
Written by Lyal Avery

Honesty and SEO

When we decided to move to full time search engine optimization, quite a few people around town started asking questions.  Vancouver has a very small technical community, and people were wondering how we could move from full time development to "such a scammy" industry as Internet Marketing.  It's actually a great conversation starter, and today I'd like to share the main points of why we're doing this:

  1. Internet Marketing doesn't have to be scammy - it's merely shameless operators who have given it a bad name.
  2. Outcome3 is bringing transparency and honesty to the process.  We tell every one of our clients exactly what we do, in a step-by step fashion.  If they so choose, they're more than welcome to go and do it themselves - our value proposition is that they'll want to continue using us (and everyone has!)
  3. Internet marketing isn't voodoo, it's a whole lot of hard work.  However, in the end, it brings tangible rewards, and we enjoy sharing in our clients' sucesses.
  4. It gives us a chance to help incubate ideas around town and see them hit their financial goals.  Without marketing, the best idea goes to waste.  By carefully choosing our clients wisely, we feel that we can help support technology around town.
  5. By keeping our costs and expenses low, we hope to bring internet marketing to a wider audience.  Local business needs SEO service as much or more than major brands, but has often been overlooked as being too small of a market to be profitable.

Still think we made the wrong move? Excited about the new direction? I'd love to hear from you!

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