30 Oct

Internet Marketing Optimization Factors

When learning all there is to do with internet marketing optimization factors, it is always beneficial to review the basics. This category not only includes site testing you can do to optimize for marketing, but also search engine optimization. There are many blogs out there which go into detail about both of these facets but if you are interested in a quick crash course, please read on.


Onsite Optimization Testing Factors

There are two kinds of tests you can do for making sure your site is taking your visitors where they want to go:

A/B Testing- this split testing is good for taking a baseline control sample and comparing it to a variety of single variable test samples to see which one garners a better response. Simply put, you have two pages that are different and you test them to see which one gets the visitor to click on the desired action more...whichever one gets the results is the better page.

Multivariate Testing- this sort of testing involves a bunch of A/B tests on the one page at the same time. This includes using different images, copy text, or even colours to give you many different results. The difference with multivariate is that it takes longer to find out a statistically viable combination.


Search Engine Optimization Factors

So many factors go into creating a good site which the search engines will like to crawl:

Getting Links- having sites link back to you can make you look like an authority

Updating Content- new content gets the spiders to return more frequently and shows them you are giving back to the web world

Proper Keywords- using the right keywords pushes the right people in your direction. Use variations that say the same thing and you will get noticed by the spiders as the right site for the right information

Good Titles- H1 headers and the right title on your page using proper keywords will let the engines know what is the major theme of the page and site

Redirects-  let people and engines still reach you even if the spell your name wrong or forget to write www before the URL

Directing Robots-  you should never let the robots scan pages that are non existant or contain useless content as this will make them angry and give you bad mojo

Labelling Images-  the engine robots can't see images, so you have to title and type in the alternative text to represent your pictures well. Also, you shouldn't use too many pics or even flash as most people will click off if your site takes too long to load.


This is a very brief description of some of the internet marketing optimization factors that you can use. Hope they do you well!


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