08 Oct
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My First Week at Outcome3

The first day started off as the same as any other in a new job…signing some documents, talking about the company’s direction and learning the ins and outs the internet marketing business. Then, my day changed. We went for lunch and I was told by the new boss how there was a newly implemented initiation into the company for rookies which he was going to try out on me. The initiation? Eating the hottest of the hottest suicide wings ever made on this earth.
I am talking about the ones which still smell like gas when put down three tables away. The ones where no matter how many times you wash your hands afterward, you can’t touch any part of your body for the next 2 days (which makes some functions virtually impossible). The ones where you have a runny nose, sweat, cry, pass-out or even have a heart attack.
So after this excruciating new ritual which caused uncontrollable giggling in the boss, I delved into the world of online marketing and what a world it was. Figuring out the site analytics, learning how fun social media marketing is, getting to use interactive media in a more businesslike setting and let us not forget all I am learning and all I have to learn about Search Engine Optimization.
Putting this new found knowledge to work, I got to help and observe as one of my most knowledgeable, hardworking and capable colleagues delivered on a website analysis report that would have had all the other SEO companies running back to their drawing boards.
Ending the week was done with a party (no…not because the boss throws a party for making it through a whole week of working for him (although he should)). This was the first of many Outcome3 sponsored Vancouver Internet Marketing Meetups. I was dazzled by the marketing and web industry savvy filling this room by some of the best and brightest from Vancouver. A great end to a magnificent week.

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