16 Jul
Written by Anonymous
Twitter Fail Whale- Give those spammers your personal fail whale

Twitter has Spammers and Scammers: Who Knew?

How to Give Twitter Scammer's Your Fail Whale

I read an article this past weekend in the Vancouver Sun stating what I thought to be obvious- Spammers and scammers follow the crowd to Twitter. As I was about to criticize them for what seemed to be an elementarily evident statement, i realized how most internet users might not know the danger lurking in every social media alley.

So instead of talking about how this article was a little late to the plate, I am going to re-iterate some of the key points:

  • Don't automatically follow all that follow you (even though I do)- Check and make sure you know them or want to here what they have to say (their updates)
  • Follow Twitter's Spam Watch account- you can also send a direct message to @spam and declare them spammers
  • Watch what web addresses you click on- only click on the URLs from trusted sources
  • Just because a message has your name doesn't make it legit- there is good software out there to send thousands of messages all at once that are all personalized
  • Update your security software- no brainer and easy to do...SO DO IT!
  • Don't RT (retweet- send out again) spam- if you think it is spam, don't keep it going, you will just annoy people and then get called a spammer yourself
  • Don't buy Twitter Followers- you aren't going to ever get to the status of Ashton Kutcher (@aplusk is 2.5 million and growing) so why purchase when you can organically grow. They are probably lists of spammers anyway.

On a final note and one that The Sun didn't mention, watch out for the incredibly hot girls with lots cleavage that talk about nothing but sex the whole time. For the most part, it is usually a guy at a desk wanting you to sign onto a adult dating or sex site. If it is too good to be true...well, you know

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