20 Oct
Written by Alexa Booth

Using Google WebMaster Tools to Check Googlebot Crawl Stats

Taking a step further than Google Analytics, Google's WebMaster Tools, allows you to view Googlebot crawl information, run diagnostics on your site and even help it index your site more effectively!


Aiding Googlebot

WebMaster Tools allows you to submit a sitemap to help Googlebot index pages it wouldn't normally be able to reach easily, such as flash or dynamic pages, if your site is new or has very few links on it, or the pages aren't linked well or at all.



WebMaster Tools shows you index stats, phrases and keywords that Googlebot sees, subscriber stats, crawl stats and top search queries.

Diagnostics: Finding Problems on your site

Diagnostics shows problems Googlebot encountered during its crawl. Including a web and mobile crawl, and content analysis (missing meta tag info etc.)


Google WebMaster Tools

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