• Bing IT On! - Optimize for Bing.com Search Engine

    06 Aug
    Written by Anonymous
    SEO for Bing and BaddaBING...Your Gold

    Tips on Ranking and SEO for Bing Search Engine

    Now that Bing has acquired Yahoo!'s search technologies for the next ten years, it might be a good idea to get your site optimized for Bing. A lot of these tips are the same for Google and other search engine spiders so a lot of these tips translate across the board. That being said, to SEO for Bing only takes a few easy adjustments to your site.

    Tips on SEO for Bing

    • Text and Keywords are SEO Gold- Bing seems to like pages with 300-350 words or more
    • Older Domain Ages-if your domain hasn't been around for years, think about buying an older one or buy a bunch of years on the back end
    • Title Tags a Must- Bing likes titles but it has to be matching to the text or it doesn't count
    • Links - Coming in AND Going Out- Linking out hasn't always been a good thing with Google but (and I am not totally sold on this one) everyone is saying Bing is better for you when you do share a link or ten
    • Keep Your URLs Static and Simple- long numbered or confusing urls nobody likes, so make sure you have the title of the page or other keywords to use and then separate them by a dash. Make sure your urls aren't always changing either.
    • Keywords to Content- They have to match and match well or you might be BADDABINGED off instead of just Bing'd.
  • "Nudge" and SEO Business Tips

    27 Jul
    Written by Anonymous
    "Nudge" our SEO in the right direction

    What Top SEO Tips Can We Learn from "Nudge"?

    I am always looking for new and better top SEO tips. When I can find a way to better explain these top seo tips in unique ways, I jump at the chance. So when I read an article using the book Nudge to illustrate how some points refer to good SEO practices, I thought it was perfect to mention it here.

    Although the article is rather long and has a lot of detail, I was able to break it down to give you the best points an how they relate to your SEO enhancement and better overall web practices.

    • More Choice is a Bad Choice- Giving people too many choices on your site could mean overwhelming the visitor. There should only ever be 1-2 calls to action on each page or the only button someone will want to press is the back button.
    • Anchoring- I am not talking about anchor text this time (also very important for SEO) but rather the way of anchoring expectations in a different direction. When wanting to linkbait through shock or surprise, try getting people's expectations to anchor in a direction that is away from the intended surprise. When that surprise comes, they will be more shocked than ever.
    • Availability- People put a lot of emphasis on subjects or details which are close to home. So when soliciting links from another site, it might be prudent to remind them of another connection they have to you or maybe a link already established on the site which is similar to yours.
    • Gains vs. Losses- People fear losses more than they desire gains and that is why so many are adverse to changing anything when their site is going good. So when link building, if you can convince someone to put a link just for a short time then it is more than likely that they will leave it where they put it. Changing it back after means more work AND a possible loss.
    • Priming and the Measurement Effect- People act differently when asked about certain behavior even if they haven't answered the question. So if you ask if someone is going to the polls tomorrow to vote, they will undoubtedly place themselves in a booth the next day. This is also attributed to people wanting to do what others are doing- the herd effect. This could help with your e-mail campaigns or some of your calls to action. For linking, try and get those social bookmarks and make your blog or article look like it's a popular stop. "See what everyone is reading...".
  • 5 SEO tips for High Impact w/ Low Effort

    23 Jul
    Written by Anonymous
    SEO from a developers POV (look like anyone we know?)

    Search Engine Optimization - Developer Style

    Apparently developers know more than they are letting on about search engine optimization and proper use of the techniques. A recent blog showed me what our developers are seeing as the highest return for the least amount of effort. And I only thought they would be interested in SEO if they were allowed to build an insane algorithm that would secretly give a Paladin Elf (wielding a Cataclysm's Edge sword) war cry every time a search query correctly chose their site for the front page. But I digress, and here are your...

    5 Top SEO Tips from Developers - Quick SEO Fixes

    • Title Tags- build dynamic title tags for each page
    • Canonical URL tag-don't use those numbers up there unless it is part of what you are trying to rank for
    • Permalinks- rewrite and redirect your links properly and the engines will love you
    • Robots.txt- don't let the spiders go where you don't want them to
    • Image Alt Tags- perfect place to add your keyword rich content, just make sure it has something to do with the image it is attached to
  • Is the Internet Marketing Business as Bad in China?

    22 Jul
    What was going on in that poor workers head?

    I Hope My Internet Marketing Boss Doesn't Expect the Same

    According to a cnet article, a Chinese worker who was in charge of a prototype of the 4G iPhone recently committed suicide over the loss of the entrusted good. The Foxconn employee, Sun Danyoung, decided that his failure to maintain the whereabouts of the phone was too great an embarrassment. Sun was 25 and had come out of one of the poorer provinces in China with an MBA. He was in charge of shipping the 16 prototypes from Foxconn, Apple's manufacturing partner, to the head office in the states and ended up being one short.

    Sun was subjected to searches and questioning which might have contributed to his unfortunate decision. Apple immediately told the press "We require our suppliers to treat all workers with dignity and respect."

  • Twitter has Spammers and Scammers: Who Knew?

    16 Jul
    Written by Anonymous
    Twitter Fail Whale- Give those spammers your personal fail whale

    How to Give Twitter Scammer's Your Fail Whale

    I read an article this past weekend in the Vancouver Sun stating what I thought to be obvious- Spammers and scammers follow the crowd to Twitter. As I was about to criticize them for what seemed to be an elementarily evident statement, i realized how most internet users might not know the danger lurking in every social media alley.

    So instead of talking about how this article was a little late to the plate, I am going to re-iterate some of the key points:

    • Don't automatically follow all that follow you (even though I do)- Check and make sure you know them or want to here what they have to say (their updates)
    • Follow Twitter's Spam Watch account- you can also send a direct message to @spam and declare them spammers
    • Watch what web addresses you click on- only click on the URLs from trusted sources
    • Just because a message has your name doesn't make it legit- there is good software out there to send thousands of messages all at once that are all personalized
    • Update your security software- no brainer and easy to do...SO DO IT!
    • Don't RT (retweet- send out again) spam- if you think it is spam, don't keep it going, you will just annoy people and then get called a spammer yourself
    • Don't buy Twitter Followers- you aren't going to ever get to the status of Ashton Kutcher (@aplusk is 2.5 million and growing) so why purchase when you can organically grow. They are probably lists of spammers anyway.

    On a final note and one that The Sun didn't mention, watch out for the incredibly hot girls with lots cleavage that talk about nothing but sex the whole time. For the most part, it is usually a guy at a desk wanting you to sign onto a adult dating or sex site. If it is too good to be true...well, you know

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