• Social Media Tips - Twitter 101

    23 Mar
    Written by Anonymous

    What is Twitter and Why is it Such a Big Deal?

    Twitter is used for social networking in a very mini-blogger kind of way. Basically, you use it to update people in 140 characters or less on various things through-out your day/week/month depending on how often you want to update. Twitter is free and is a very easy way to update on the go. It is also an excellent way to put out little things you find here and there on the web: an interesting site, a Youtube video, a great blog about Twitter and so-on. Many use it for advertising their own wares, too.

    Sending out tweets has become a main stream phenomenon as it has made its way to cartoons and even the Daily Show. We can see the truth in this with the amount of applications and sites dedicated to making Twitter much more usable. You can even co-ordinate all of your other social media with Twitter so when you update Facebook, it will do Twitter and vice-versa.

    So how does one use this to their advantage, especially in business? It is a great way to connect to many people in many different businesses. You can search for certain key words and find people connected to the term you are searching for. You start to follow them and they are usually connected to like minded people that you can start to follow as well. Many, when followed, will follow you back (the courteous thing to do). When you have a question or a business you would like to know about, you post it and it usually gets answered promptly. Unfortunately, a lot of people will also create personas that tout their business or direct you to an affiliate site(maybe watch out for the hot girl who is trying to get you on Adult Friend Finder).

  • Linkbait 101: Introduction to LinkBaiting

    11 Mar
    Written by Anonymous

    What is Linkbait?

    Linkbait is one of the great terms on the search engine optimization front. Linkbaiting in general is a bunch of practices used by website owners for getting more links directed at their pages to receive a better reputation from search engines. It is the art of getting people to talk about your site and content in their blogs, blog posts, bookmarks, social media links, their sites...etc. in order to get a buzz going about what you are offering. Linkbaiting often involves using hooks. There are many types of hooks which can be used: resource, opposing (or contrary), attack, news, and my favorite, humor.

    With the resource hook, it is the giving of some knowledge, tool or experience to the public in which they find some value and can pass onto someone else. This includes some expert opinions, blogs on your niche or a widget that can be used to aid in a task. What you are reading right now could be considered a resource hook.

    Opposing hooks involves telling other bloggers or companies how they are wrong. This often generates a link in the retaliation by the defamed party. You will get the "(your link) said my article was off base and this, my friend, is why I am right and YOU are wrong!"

    You might get a similar response from the attack hook. Attacks are used when you know another site's weak spot and how to get to them in a way that makes them so mad that they have to link to your site just to bash back. it is similar to the opposing hook but is usually a lot more derogatory. But BE CAREFUL!!! This hook could backfire and land you and your site up a crappy creek with de-linking by some of the other sites who were linking to you.

    The news hook is pretty self explanatory. It regards posts of the latest news and going ons in the world today. This hook could be the rehashing or grouping of recent publications or even local happenings. A great news hook is the exploitation of fraudulent or mis-representative articles.

    Aaaaaaah the humor hook, the reason why I have linked to so many funny sites and will continue to do so. Funny is viral! It is the best thing out there you can use to get your site seen. Whether it is a joke, a video of your cat falling on its butt or a father getting hit in the groin, funny keeps on getting the most links and will continue to do so for as long as the net is around.

  • Launchparty: Another Successful Night

    04 Mar
    Written by Anonymous

    Launchparty, which happened Thurs., February 26th, was a good time with a lot of good peeps.

    Having our offices just upstairs from the party was a good and bad thing. Good that we didn't have to go far to attend one of the funnest Tech parties of the year...but bad because my access to too much alcohol was just one elevator ride away.

    The party, held at the Landing on the outskirts of Gastown, was decked out with many laptops and projectors all showing us what the next big tech product is going to be. The party goers themselves were in fine form and, surprisingly for a tech event, was full of many beautiful women populating almost half the room.

    By the time I got down to the party, the room was packed. It didn't stop me from squeezing my way from display to display to pipe up and say "okay...give me your 90 second elevator ride speech on what this is and why I should like it".

    Most stammered through their first 4-8 seconds trying to figure out what the best part of their product was but by the end had convincingly sold me on each piece and how they are all great for industry.

    This line-up was:

    3rdWhale- iPhone app so people can find sustainable businesses around them

    Rilli- is a map-based online and mobile event creation tool for social people, doing real things, in the real world

    HearWhere- Find Live Music Anywhere - a worldwide discovery site for live music

    TimeWindow- TimeCam.TV is a service that creates an online time lapse from any Internet camera or webcam

    Showbert- where TV viewers come to review, rate, schedule, share, explore, and even watch their favorite TV shows

    And the winner of the night was:
    Mobify- launching a new tool called MobifyMe to let webmasters extend their current websites to mobile without developing separate mobile sites

  • Business Gurus Tout LinkedIn and Twitter as Best Social Networking Tools

    18 Feb
    Written by Anonymous

    The panel at the Social Networking Tools for Business Development event put on by Vancouver Enterprise Forum (VEF) seemed to have a clear cut message that stood out from the rest of last nights discussion, Twitter and LinkedIn are business megaphones that should be taken advantage of.


    The night started off with an intro to LinkedIn explained in Plain English from Common Craft. Basically, it is a vast social network like Facebook that has a business niche attached to it. You create your online resume and then get connected to other people you know and their businesses. These people then are connected to others and they are connected to other businesses and 6 degrees of separation and so on. This makes it easy to see who recommends whom and puts you in touch with the right peeps much easier and faster.


    The panel, made up of Colleen Nystedt, Naison Geula and Tim Swanson, were firm believers in the power of LinkedIn . Colleen Nystedt, the CEO, president and founder of Movieset, found LinkedIn to be essential to getting in touch with contacts from L.A. and Vancouver through the many people she had met on movie sets over the years. Naison, with Webtrends, exclaimed how well connected he is through Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, using all of these social tools in tandem. He is constantly twittering and Yammering (twitter updates but only sent to coworkers) to try and update and/or connect for business purposes. Tim of Corporate Recruiters uses the social media to get in touch with colleagues of colleagues and exclaimed the importance of how far the reach of LinkedIn goes and the benefits to his profession of constantly searching out new talent.


    It seemed like a great plug event for Twitter and LinkIn as we were told that before we went to bed that night, we were supposed to make sure our profiles were well worked out and that our public identities were intact. What I took away from the night was how for a few minutes a day, there is much that can be gained from a little play on these networks.


    I seemed to also notice how there was an underlining concern about social media and our grasp of what we want to share and what we should keep to ourselves. When questions of this nature arose, we perhaps had the most interesting quote of the night from Naison: "privacy was dead". An apt and true observation no matter how intimidating and Orwellian. 


  • Filing Suit for Forum Fodder

    22 Jan
    Written by Anonymous

    According to the BIV lawsuit of the week section, Vancouver’s Angiotech Pharmaceuticals Inc. is suing for wrongful disclosure  of the company's sensitve information. Information including the company's strategies, plans and dealings. They found a problem with a few people posting their affairs on a forum. Because of this, they seek damages for inducing breach of contract, unlawful interference with its economic interests, breach of confidence, civil conspiracy, breach of fiduciary duty, negligent misrepresentation, unjust enrichment, and fraudulent misrepresentation. Wow...that's a long list I wouldn't want put on me!


    Whether it was wrong to do or not I guess depends on the material being posted and the confidence agreement these employees signed (if they are even employees). If the company is getting ready to go belly-up and people are worried about job placement and their next paycheque or if the company is dealing in shady areas, don't we think their questionable tactics should be enquired about? But if it is about where the company is going and the strategies they are using for advancement against their competitors, then shouldn't the perpetrators be found and dealt with?


    The innocent bystander in all of this is the forum where it was posted. Forums are a place to share ideas in the open and give each other feedback. If you have valuable information, then it should be shared and linked to. Forums are great places to generate links (providing your content is suitable and not spammy), do some search marketing or chat about SEO.  Forum administrators can't always keep up with watching everyones posts. Also, how are they supposed to tell if material is confidential or not. From this alone though, the forum that has this posting is going to get a lot of great traffic!

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