• Announcing Hat Con - April 10th-12th - All Hats Welcome

    11 Dec

    At Outcome3, we're excited to announce our first annual Hat Conference - an online marketing conference taretted at all aspects of online monetization and optimization.  From email marketing to affiliate networking, there'll be something to catch your fancy.  Later in the month we'll be announcing some exciting speakers, but for now, get ready to travel to glorious Vancouver, BC between April 10th and April 12th.
    Event details:

    •    Cost: $195 per day, $400 for the entire conference (plus applicable taxes).
    •    Venue: TBA.
    •    Swag: Lots of it, including your very own Hat Con cowboy hat in the color of your choice.
  • NFG - My Trials in an SEO Company

    05 Dec

     I love business because you are always learning something new and consequently, you are always training. Even after I have been in the search marketing industry for 40 years, I still want to be the NFG (see below) cause that means I have so much to learn and that is where my drive resides.

    In recent meetings, it has become apparent that I'm the new f*&$ing guy - an affectionate phrase given to me by a potential client.  At the end of the day, I didn't get upset by it, because I AM the NFG and I applaud him for being so perceptive (besides, he was kidding around anyway).  At Outcome3, I've been amazed by how rapidly I've been trained.  While I had some knowledge when I walked in, every day it seems that I've mastered a new aspect of Internet Marketing.  It's very exciting!  Whether dealing with small mom and pop shops, or mutli-million dollar companies (like the one who gave me the title), I feel confident in my ability to deliver.

    The simple fact is, there is a ton of great readings, training and videos out there that help the new guy/girl get the experience he/she needs. My boss has resource lists as long as some of the local universities. He has confidence in me and my abilities and therefore I have confidence in me and my abilities. I have done well on many projects making many clients happy. We can always get better no matter how much we have learned and that is why I don’t mind being the NFG for the rest of my life if need be.

  • Search Engine OptimIAZation

    28 Nov

    That is rite...optimiazation! Whether it is the way they think something is spelled or because they are going to fast while typing and add a few key stroikess in there somewhere, people while searching have tipos all the time. You want to capitalise on this by adding some of the most comon misstakes to your list of key words.
    You want to look for missspellings the most. Use a good keyword finder and see what they pull up for words close to your keywords which have been searched quiete regularley. After you have tackled the mispellings, you move onto the areas where you think people would have the most slips with their qwerty...like hitting a f instead of a g or a z instead of an z ...I mean a.
    Don't just ad this to your keywords though. YOu can register and redirect many domaine names to your IP adrress, too. It only costs $7-14 for a domain and is very worth it if you find many people trying to reach you fromn the other domains. THe bots love it when you do that.
    Hear are a bunch of keywords an SEO company might try to work with to help convert traffic:
    Search engin optimization
    search engine optimiazation
    search engine optimisation provider
    search engine optimisation blogs
    search engine optimisation stratergies
    profesional search engine promotion

    Hopefully these help you with figuring out what ou have to do for your sight.

  • Top SEO Tips from Top SEO Companies

    27 Nov
    Written by Anonymous

    It always pays to see what your competition is doing as far as blogs and the information they are willing to part with. I am constantly reading other blogs to find new tips and reinforce the things I already know. So I compiled what I think are some of the top seo tips from many of the tops seo companies around.

    Keywords and KEI- Keywords are what make the search engines go round. Without them strategically picked and placed, your site won't be registered for anything. Use a good keyword analysis tool and make sure you can find out the keyword effectiveness indicator which will give you how many times a term is searched for compared to how many sites are registering for it. The higher the KEI the better.
    Links- Getting links to your site is one of the most important things to help boost yourself up on a search engine but make sure you are doing it in an organic way. Search engines will always find out if you are devious in creating your link juice.
    Anchor Text- The links coming back to your site come from text that is attached to your link. What that text says means something to the spiders so you should use the proper keywords you want to rank for as that text. But, make sure it is relevant cause you don't want to alienate visitors and make them feel ripped off when the land by not giving them what they expect.
    Meta Tags, Title Tags and H1 Headers- many people have been saying for the last little while that meta tags don't matter but this isn't true, they don't matter as much. It is still a perfect way to get yourself noticed by other search engines and stick long tail key words without looking spammy.
    I hope the TOP SEO TIPS from the TOP SEO Companies  helped you with your quest to optimize.

  • How to Hire a Search Engine Company

    26 Nov

    With so many search engine positioning specialists doing search engine positioning and seo,  vancouver search marketing is getting saturated. Just the other day I had a woman who was touted to me as a great lead say "I get a call from companies like yours everyday". What this means for you though (unless you are one of these companies), is  that you have a lot to choose from. So how do you choose your internet marketing strategist?
    First of all....do your research. A company should have a good website out there explaining what they do and how they can help you. The site doesn't have to be local to help you out but it does make it better to have a face to face conversations of where you want to go.
    Get a free website optimization consultation and this can be discussed either over the phone or in person. A free website optimization consultation will give you a feel for who you are dealing with. You have to be able to trust the person and business you are giving your money to and the only way to do that is by having conversations with them about what you would like to get out of the relationahsip.
    All search engine placement companies should give you the option of having a report done on your site so you know exactly what you are getting from them. This will give you the choice of what you would like to start with and how big your budget should be to optimize for certain things or in certain ways. Some recommendations can be implemented easily and should cost less and some can be quite time consuming and cost more. The Report should detail these findings and your convesation with your contact person should give you the knowledge of what you can do with your spend.
    I hope this has helped you find the right company to help you increase search engine positioning and get you more streamlined traffic.

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