How to Set Up Cost Per Click (CPC)

03 Jul

How to Manage a CPC Campaign - Cost Per Click 101

Most people look at running a cpc campaign as a part of internet marketing that is as hard as brain surgery. This is not the case. It is as hard as the brain surgery the actors perform on Grey's Anatomy. Here are a few tips that can help anyone set up their account properly to get the most bang for their buck...after all, it is all about that ROI. Hopefully this will help you save some time and a little bit of money.  Don't get me wrong, it will still take time and effort to guarantee a successful campaign and you will always have to manage it to make it do well. But, there are ways to make the process of learning go much faster.

Also, Google is really good at giving tutorials and they have a comprehensive guide to helping you set up right. Make sure you consult the Adwords Learning Center to gain more perspective on these tips.

Keep Your Quality Score in Mind

A quality score is assigned to your keywords and it measures the relevance your keywords have to the ad text and landing pages. It is also improved with a better click through rate (CTR). The higher your quality score, the cheaper it will be to get your ad to the top for certain keywords and vice versa. Make sure you create the proper ad-groups, ads and landing pages.

Create the Proper Adgroups

You want to have well thought out Ad-groups to help improve your quality score. This means getting a bunch of keywords that can be themed to your site's material and more importantly, your landing page's material. The more focused you can get your themes, the better. It is okay to create as many different ad-groups as you want and then pause the ones that don't do as well. You don't have to to go ad-group crazy, just make sure they are around the same subject. Generally put in about 30-50 keywords per group. By all means you can have more but it sometimes starts to make it less themed. 

Landing Pages

Your quality score will increase dramatically if you have the right landing pages filled with the right keywords and the proper ads directing users there. Relevance is key. It is not only a bonus for your Adwords campaign, optimized landing pages will also draw organic searches from search engine. All you need is a little link building and after a year or two, you might not need Adwords for some pages.

Also, consider how this is your one chance to win over the viewer. If your landing page isn't set up to garner results, you are throwing that click money away.


I find the best ads are the ones that are straight forward and direct. Say exactly what is on your landing page and include the keywords that lead searcher to the page. Remember ad text basics: include your great offer, use enticing rhetoric, highlight the value proposition and a good call to action.

These are the basics of a CPC, PPC and Paid Search Campaign. I will be going into more depth and detail in future blogs so stay me , not Grey's!



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