Social networks and Blogs - Still Tops

15 May
Written by jpjanze
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Nielson Social Media Research Q3 2011

Neilson's Social Media Report is still among the most current comprehensive research out there. In their Social Media Report: Q3 2011 Nielson dug deep into the social media world and its denizens to uncover some truly interesting statistics. A little while ago we posted some of their research about Social Media Usage Statistics and this post is about where people spend their time online.

While Online Gaming plays a huge part of our online universe (9.8%), it pales compared to the time spent on Blogs and Social Media (22.5%). I think the most interesting statistic is that according to this research, we only spend 2.6% of our online time reading news and only 4% using Search (think how profitable Search is for Google and yet it represents such a small portion of our time online.

It is no wonder that social networks like Facebook are garnering such astronomical valuations) and a whopping 35% on 'other' things that consume less then 2% each (it is a huge category with more than 40 items in it.

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