Launchparty: Another Successful Night

04 Mar
Written by Anonymous

Launchparty, which happened Thurs., February 26th, was a good time with a lot of good peeps.

Having our offices just upstairs from the party was a good and bad thing. Good that we didn't have to go far to attend one of the funnest Tech parties of the year...but bad because my access to too much alcohol was just one elevator ride away.

The party, held at the Landing on the outskirts of Gastown, was decked out with many laptops and projectors all showing us what the next big tech product is going to be. The party goers themselves were in fine form and, surprisingly for a tech event, was full of many beautiful women populating almost half the room.

By the time I got down to the party, the room was packed. It didn't stop me from squeezing my way from display to display to pipe up and say "okay...give me your 90 second elevator ride speech on what this is and why I should like it".

Most stammered through their first 4-8 seconds trying to figure out what the best part of their product was but by the end had convincingly sold me on each piece and how they are all great for industry.

This line-up was:

3rdWhale- iPhone app so people can find sustainable businesses around them

Rilli- is a map-based online and mobile event creation tool for social people, doing real things, in the real world

HearWhere- Find Live Music Anywhere - a worldwide discovery site for live music

TimeWindow- TimeCam.TV is a service that creates an online time lapse from any Internet camera or webcam

Showbert- where TV viewers come to review, rate, schedule, share, explore, and even watch their favorite TV shows

And the winner of the night was:
Mobify- launching a new tool called MobifyMe to let webmasters extend their current websites to mobile without developing separate mobile sites

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