NFG - My Trials in an SEO Company

05 Dec

 I love business because you are always learning something new and consequently, you are always training. Even after I have been in the search marketing industry for 40 years, I still want to be the NFG (see below) cause that means I have so much to learn and that is where my drive resides.

In recent meetings, it has become apparent that I'm the new f*&$ing guy - an affectionate phrase given to me by a potential client.  At the end of the day, I didn't get upset by it, because I AM the NFG and I applaud him for being so perceptive (besides, he was kidding around anyway).  At Outcome3, I've been amazed by how rapidly I've been trained.  While I had some knowledge when I walked in, every day it seems that I've mastered a new aspect of Internet Marketing.  It's very exciting!  Whether dealing with small mom and pop shops, or mutli-million dollar companies (like the one who gave me the title), I feel confident in my ability to deliver.

The simple fact is, there is a ton of great readings, training and videos out there that help the new guy/girl get the experience he/she needs. My boss has resource lists as long as some of the local universities. He has confidence in me and my abilities and therefore I have confidence in me and my abilities. I have done well on many projects making many clients happy. We can always get better no matter how much we have learned and that is why I don’t mind being the NFG for the rest of my life if need be.

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