How is Your Call to Action? Get Better Conversion Rates

20 Aug
Written by Anonymous
Call to Action - Conversion rates depend on it

Tips to Get Better Conversion Rates

Your call to action should be prominently displayed on every page of your site. If you don't know where you want you users ending up, then you haven't put enough thought into your site. If you do know what paths you want a visitor to take, then are those paths standing out and enticing to click? First you have to figure out where you want them to go and then you need to get them to go there. When you get them to go to these places, this is called a conversion and the metric you are trying to work is your conversion rates. But explaining these fully is a whole other blog altogether.

So back to our call to action...there are many ways to make them more appealing and clickable. Out off all the suggestions I have seen, there are 6 tips on call to action that stand out the best to gain conversions and lure people away from that wretched "back" button. So here are your...

6 Tips on Improving Your Calls to Action

  • Put your call to action in the right spot- make sure you are asking for the sale at the right spot on the page. Too early and you might have missed some valuable information that a potential user wants and then doesn't have. Too late and that "back" button looks much more important.
  • Not too many CTAs- if you have too many then a person doesn't know where to go and, once again, will want to press the "back" button. Too many things to click also causes a mental tension which comes from not completing a task (not clicking a link). This is called the Zeigarnik Effect (I would need another 10 blogs to fully talk about this subject) which causes the readers attention to be short and move onto the next place without fully getting the value of your page.
  • Make your CTA a command- Tell them to do something and then have the Call to Action surround it. Don't just say where they are going. Instead of putting "Free SEO Advice" you should be putting "Get Free SEO Advice"
  • Get specific with your CTA- we have all seen "click here" or "hit this button" but why not get more specific which in turn will be more enticing? "Get your Free Quote Here", "Look At Our Convenient Packages"
  • Make your CTA stand out- You want it to be a color very different from the site. Usually bold red, yellow or orange are the best. Red increases heart rate when seen, yellow is the first color a person sees and orange is a mix of the two.
  • CTA's on Big Buttons- It is much better to have buttons instead of links as people like to click buttons. Links don't always show up as something that is handy to click.

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