Search Optimization Tools for Firefox: SEO for Firefox

27 Oct
Written by Anonymous

There's a lot of repetition in search marketing. On each page we visit, we check for PageRank, nofollow links, meta tags, link popularity, site architecture, and a myriad of other factors - many of which are in the code or require off-page tools. Thankfully, there are a handful of Firefox add-ons that help us push through our work a little faster. First up the grand daddy of search tools: SEO for Firefox.

When surfing, SEO for Firefox acts as a nofollow checker, highlighting nofollow links in the color of your choice. While infinitely helpful as that alone, the add-on really shines when activated while browsing search results. Below each search result is a series of of statistics, cutting reconnaissance down from minutes to seconds. Amongst these stats include PageRank, site age, total link count, authority link count, Alexa rank, and a handful of other numbers. Under the search box sit links to Google Trends, SEO Book's Keyword Research Tool, Overture's View Bid, Google's Traffic Estimator, and Google's Keyword Sandbox.

SEO for Firefox streamlines processes to help you push through the grind faster. It leads the front amongst all of my tools and comes highly recommended for search experts and curious parties alike.

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