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15 Oct
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There are a number of handy browser plugins available for Firefox that can really help with your internet marketing efforts. Common tasks such as checking page rank, Alexa rank, back links, keyword density, etc. Some of the better reviewed tools out there are:


  • SearchStatus: Display the Google PageRank, Alexa rank and Compete ranking, as well as keyword density analysis, keyword/nofollow highlighting, and backward/related links.
  • SEO Link Analysis: Adds display of PageRank, linktext and nofollow links to external links in Google Webmaster Tools, Yahoo! Site Explorer and Microsoft Webmaster Portal.
  • SeoQuake: Displays the Page Rank of pages in search results as well as integrating with to show information about advertising networks.
  • RankQuest SEO Toolbar: Displays search rankings as well many other tools for per site SEO activity (header checker, link checker, etc).

None of these tools will actually market for you, but they do help you find information about your website and your competitor's sites. Using this information allows you to more effectively target your marketing efforts, which is half the battle.


A recurring theme in these tools is the issue of PageRank and its associates (Alexa Rank, etc). This is not only the number you want to improve with your marketing efforts, but the number which you need to be aware of for your competitors and the sites you are marketing to. The higher the page rank of sites carrying your message (and hopefully, your links) the better it is for you. So by using these tools you can spot the diamonds in the rough that merit more of your marketing efforts.

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