Christmas Cheer, Holiday Fear and Blogs are Here

11 Dec
Written by Anonymous

Prices are being slashed at the beginning of this season this year but people are still staying away from spending. Hearing on the news that these price discounts are getting people even more scared and wanting to hold onto their money is making the recession ever so much more ominous and looming. So if we can't have presents, what can we depend on to show our family and friends how much we love them?
Time is just as good as money. Let's get back to the origin of what Christmas is about. Not our kidlike, "what did I get from Santa this year", but rather our "I can't wait to sit down with some rum and eggnogs with the people I hold most dear". That is what Christmas is really about isn't it? So let's bring it back to our roots with cheer, good times, holiday songs, sitting around a fire and talking about good old times and forget about our 6$ eggnog lattes, the $100 christmas decorations, buying presents for the coworkers you don't like and the rest of the so-called traditional X-mas stuff. This year, let's make it about us and spending time together, reading feel good blogs and browsing the internet for that perfect story or blog out there that you can share with your friends and have a good guffaw over. Lets come together in the spirit of X-mas, not like the losers who stole $25,000 from the Salvation Army earlier this week, but rather like the thousands of people who came together to donate what amounted to way more than what was stolen.
If you must buy though, which we all have to do for we don't want to be called cheap, you can find some of the best deals online. And for those that are not search engine optimizing, do it for next year and you won't have to slash prices by 50%.
Happy Holidays from a....
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