Microblogs in Search: More than Just Chitter Chatter

16 Oct
Written by Anonymous

140 characters. How could you possibly say something meaningful in 140 characters? Social media pundits will point out many long-tail benefits such as networking opportunities and brand research. Similarly, search gurus will advocate another long-tail benefit: indexable content. To your success or detriment alike, the things you say on microblogs can show up in search engines.

My favourites – Twitter, Plurk, and Jaiku – all have user profiles and individual posts indexed in search engines. Jaiku, a property of Google, is speculated to rank better in Google search rankings. Sadly, all of the sites have nofollow enabled, so the quest for link juice continues.

Regardless of nofollow links, constant microblog updates can help send an additional stream of unsolicited traffic above the regular benefits. Interested in getting started? Have a look at our social media services or dive right in and contact us for a free social media marketing quote.

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