Keywords in Content: Punctuation

23 Oct
Written by Anonymous

Creating high-quality, unique, and relevant content is always number one in Internet marketing. However, being search marketing specialists, we do have to keep our targeted phrases in mind when we're writing, and oftentimes it's hard to marry the two. After we've done our keyword research, we sometimes find that there are awkward phrases that wouldn't flow well in normal contexts. So, what do you do? You find a hack and work the right side of your brain.
 Caroline Middlebrook points out that punctuation is ignored in the eyes of search engines, so awkward phrases like "sony laptop buy" can be handled by context phrased like "This is the premiere Sony Laptop. Buy one now to be eligible for our monthly sweepstakes." For more illustration, "Europe trip cost" and "Please take care in preparations when making your Europe trip. of accommodation has risen sharply in recent years."
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