Isn't SEO Easy?

16 Oct
Written by Anonymous

With the recent desire of every site wanting to implement some form of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), the need for a quick tutorial is out there. The answers come in the form of articles, forums and blogs. One such article from Lifehacker does a good job at summing up a lot of the key points about SEO. These key points are:


Lead with good content- frequently update content and make sure it is good content to have people wanting to link back to it.


Research your keywords- there are many free keyword tools out there to help you find the perfect keywords to use throughout your site.


Provide good clear titles- make them exactly what your page is about and make sure they are titled correctly (<H1> headers).


Don’t use splash pages or Flash- search engine crawlers do not like images or animation so tag properly if you have to use them (alt tags).


Use Robot.txt- make sure you learn how to direct the spiders through your site by blocking them from seeing some pages and steering them to others.


Code your pages with standard, clean and semantic markup- make your code easy as the engines love simple code. Create mark-up with proper tags, making clear and proper information a priority.


Don’t get tricky- there is a lot of bad stuff out there so make sure you stay to the proper (white hat) ways of doing things or you might get burned.


Be patient- success isn’t found within one single part of SEO and not over night. Keep trying and your pageranks will get better.


All very good points and easy to understand for anyone who wants to start in on doing SEO themselves or know what their internet marketing company is talking about.


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