How to use meta and html tags for SEO

10 Sep
Written by Anonymous
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What do meta and html tags do?

Meta and html tags can be used to help improve your websites visibility to search engines and visitors to your website. Let’s look at some different meta and html tags: H1 tags, strong tags, emphasis tags, meta keywords and meta description.

Header tags h1 to h6 are used to create headings of different visual sizes and also tell search engines which headings are most important. H1 tags are seen as the most important to search engines and produce the largest visual text. H2 to h6 tags are seen in declining order of importance to search engines and declining visual size on a webpage. Note that heading tags should only be used for headings and not just to make word big or bold.

What are strong tags?

Strong tags are used to create text that stands out with a strong emphasis. Use strong tags to help search engines recognize the key content on a web page.

What are emphasis tags?

Emphasis tags, you guessed it, are used to place emphasis on text to readers and search engines. Use emphasis tags to help search engines recognize the key content on a web page

What are Meta-tags (keywords and description)?

Meta keyword tags provide a list of the content of a document to search engines. Often meta keywords are used to provide keywords to search engines and to help them determine what is on the page. Use meta tags to accurately sum-up content to search engines.

Description tags are used to provide search engines with descriptions of web pages. These description tags are the visible summary found below a link in search results. These descriptions should be short and to the point so anyone using a search engine can quickly and easily understand what content is on a specific webpage.

What are title tags?

Title tags define the title of a document, such as a webpage. A Title tag is displayed in browser tool bars, search engine results, and give a title to a page when added as a bookmark. Title tags are key for SEO as they help search engines to find your specific web pages.

How long should these tags be?

  • Header Tags- h1, h2 ..etc. to help label the page Should be 4-8 words long
  • Strong Tags- Only a few words in length
  • Emphasis Tags- Only a few words in length
  • Meta Keyword Tags- 20-25 words
  • Meta Description Tags- two word keywords at least and use 5-7 sets
  • Title Tags- around 70 Characters

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