Can You Digg It? part 3 (last one)

27 Oct
Written by Anonymous

I have mentioned Digg in my last few blogs and would like to finish off by helping you get to the front page of Digg.  This can be one of the best ways of getting traffic to your site. Obviously, the best and most organic way is to always write a lot of really good stories and soon hopefully, people will take notice and you will be dugg. But there are many stories out there which are really good but never get anywhere because they either don't have a provocative enough title or just aren't getting seen. And if you aren't seen on the you really exist?
So first of all, come up with a hot topic and try and make it current. After you have poured your blood, sweat and tears into making it the best darn piece of writing since A Tale of Two Cities you have to make these little changes and/or embellishments:

  1. Select a good niche where you want to submit it and where it is suited-ie. technology or worldnews
  2. Your title needs to be catchy so spend a lot of time getting one everyone will want to read- controversial is intriguing
  3. Post around 8am, 12pm or 4pm as this is when the spike in Digg readers happens
  4. Let a bunch of your Digg friendly friends know that you are posting and tell them to comment- remember to return the favor
  5. If your post is a hot topic, be sure to be there first- you may have to sacrifice a little sweat and a few tears to get your blog out fast
  6. Don't let others jack your stories- if they do steal it, post that your blog was the original on their comments and others will go to yours first
  7. Add some of the top 100 Digg users as friends and digg their stuff often cause one digg from them, and you can consider yourself front page news.

Remember, nothing can beat a good story that is fresh so content is your number one friend, but these tips will help that content get seen.

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