Internet Marketing with Mobility

03 Nov
Written by Anonymous

Now that we have even more use of our mobile phones with RBC, Rogers wireless and Visa wanting to turn our cell into a wallet, now more than ever companies should be pushing for wireless internet marketing campaigns. Recent news tells us we will be able to wave our phone in front of a store's point of sale reader and buy everything from shoes to Jagr bombs as soon as 2009. Done through a Near Field Communication (NFC) chip, the readers will be able to pick up your account and automatically charge what you are buying.
Although I am sure they will add security measures through passwords and maybe voice recognition, I won't be the only one feeling a little nervous displaying my currency every time I have a chat. But my interest doesn't lie in the security features of my cell, but rather what internet marketing tools will be accompanying this large push for cellular use in everyday life for every thing.
How long will it be until we will start getting text messages from the local fast food joint giving us a coupon to stop by since we are only a block away? I can't wait until I am walking through the mall at Christmas with my wife seeing something she really wants and by pressing a couple of buttons looking like I'm text messaging, I can get it wrapped, paid for and delivered before we leave  and without her being the wiser.
It just goes to show that internet marketing is going everywhere your cell is going and the faster you start search engine optimizing, social media marketing and using interactive media, the better off your company will be.

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