"Nudge" and SEO Business Tips

27 Jul
Written by Anonymous
"Nudge" our SEO in the right direction

What Top SEO Tips Can We Learn from "Nudge"?

I am always looking for new and better top SEO tips. When I can find a way to better explain these top seo tips in unique ways, I jump at the chance. So when I read an article using the book Nudge to illustrate how some points refer to good SEO practices, I thought it was perfect to mention it here.

Although the article is rather long and has a lot of detail, I was able to break it down to give you the best points an how they relate to your SEO enhancement and better overall web practices.

  • More Choice is a Bad Choice- Giving people too many choices on your site could mean overwhelming the visitor. There should only ever be 1-2 calls to action on each page or the only button someone will want to press is the back button.
  • Anchoring- I am not talking about anchor text this time (also very important for SEO) but rather the way of anchoring expectations in a different direction. When wanting to linkbait through shock or surprise, try getting people's expectations to anchor in a direction that is away from the intended surprise. When that surprise comes, they will be more shocked than ever.
  • Availability- People put a lot of emphasis on subjects or details which are close to home. So when soliciting links from another site, it might be prudent to remind them of another connection they have to you or maybe a link already established on the site which is similar to yours.
  • Gains vs. Losses- People fear losses more than they desire gains and that is why so many are adverse to changing anything when their site is going good. So when link building, if you can convince someone to put a link just for a short time then it is more than likely that they will leave it where they put it. Changing it back after means more work AND a possible loss.
  • Priming and the Measurement Effect- People act differently when asked about certain behavior even if they haven't answered the question. So if you ask if someone is going to the polls tomorrow to vote, they will undoubtedly place themselves in a booth the next day. This is also attributed to people wanting to do what others are doing- the herd effect. This could help with your e-mail campaigns or some of your calls to action. For linking, try and get those social bookmarks and make your blog or article look like it's a popular stop. "See what everyone is reading...".

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