Online Internet Buying

29 Oct
Written by Anonymous

Online internet buying is the quintessential pusher of this mass communication. The reason why the internet was invented has long been forgotten and all we know is products, knowledge and services for sale. We have our E-bays, Amazons,,, ...etc. We are content consumers in using this medium to buy all the time. So why is there still a huge element of people out there who are scared of using the internet to advertise?
We could say that online internet buying gets too cluttered and many don't want to be lost in the shuffle, but non-virtual advertising is starting to look the same way. Or, maybe it is because of the big, behind the scenes fight between black hat and white hat marketing techniques. Even the citizens who don't know about the good vs. evil fight still know and believe there are too many shady aspects of internet marketing. Is this due to the brazen and constant spammers who don't care how inundating they can be by riddling inboxes with their pills and member enhancers? Are potential users of internet marketing being scared away because they are scared of becoming spammers?
I guess it is up to the legitimate, white hat, transparent and honest companies to turn the image of internet marketing around.  We need to get the peoples trust back and show the non believers how internet marketing can not only be profitable but also doing a lot good for those who need and use it.

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