The Reality of Realty and Search Engine Optimization

06 Nov
Written by Anonymous

Being a relatively fresh face on the Vancouver search marketing and internet marketing scene, I have found realtors to be some of the harder sells on what SEO can do for them. Stuck in the traditional ways of getting their names seen, realtors want to still spend a lot of money on bus stops, local newspapers and a few other expensive media. With the ability for many people to tune out much of their advertising surroundings, there isn't a way to see if the roi on these advertisements are even existent without asking the customers directly.
Many now know how important it is to have a website in order to succeed in any business, but they want to put the minimum amount of spend into it. They think as long as they have their name and contact with a list of pictures and dimensions of their listings, this will be good enough. In the present condition of everyone maintaining this common misconception, it is.
We don't know why a lot of them are scared to move into a more viral and manageable environment. I have heard the generational reason, how some think the ones using the internet to browse and buy aren't the ones with the money. This may be true to a point but so many young adult are now trying to buy property rather than spend it on rent and a lot more older adults are looking on line before they get a real estate agent. If my own mother is doing it, then there HAS to be many more. Furthermore, shouldn't they want to be ahead of the curve anyway?
What many of them don't know is that "real estate Vancouver" was Googled 49,500 times in September, 2008. How a gentleman using internet marketing in eastern United States was able to generate so much business in an otherwise horrible market, he had so many leads that he was selling them for 10% rev share. How there are many services out there like MLS that will take their business away if they aren't on top of their game.
A good way to start getting into a more internet marketing friendly place is by building your site through companies like Ubertor. It gives you many options at different price ranges which give you various upgrades. From an internet marketing stand point, I think all the upgrades are essential. This site not only gives the realtor an already somewhat optimized site, but it also gives them the tools and know how to keep on optimizing it on their own. One of the best things about setting up your site through places like Ubertor is how your metrics will always be measured for you and shown to you in a way you can easily understand them. Even if you can't understand or have trouble, they have many people to help you through. Realty has been heading to the world of the web for a long time, it is much easier and cheaper to get going now before everyone else does.

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