5 Reasons You Should Never Have a Website Flash Intro

12 Aug
Flash is a no go for SEO

Flash and SEO

Flash and SEO don't play well together. It's just one of those things where the engines can't read what is going on that well. So, all of the time, money and hard work you put into making your intro look spectacular should have been spent on your SEO upgrading. When it comes down to it, the only people that will be seeing your site are you and some of the people who you have given your card to if it hasn't been properly SEO'd. Yes, there are some cool intro's but in this day and age, the majority of people have seen it all and furthermore, don't care. To elaborate I am going to give you:

Five Reasons Not to Use Flash

  • Nobody Cares- Flash Made for Flash's Sake- It seems like the only people really interested in a Flash intro is the one who made it and the one who bought it. Everyone else just wants to press the "skip intro" button
  • Crawlability Yet?-we are hoping that the way the engines are crawling the Flash content for SEO will read it right but there isn't an actual way to test if it has
  • The SEO Basics are Overlooked-your meta, H1, and strong tags are missing so there isn't a way of getting your keyword prominence
  • Link Juice Still Suffers-the flash content is often embedded so link content is usually wrapped around other Flash content and put into other shell flash pages. Furthermore, for a Flash site, most of the links will be going to the home page and no other deep links
  • Flash by Third Parties- It is usually made by third parties who created it so the intro can't be easily changed. You will have to rehire and rehire and rehire the same company every time you want to change your Flash.

Don't get me wrong, flash will always have a certain purpose for sites and can be very valuable for the WOW factor. Just remember how your money might be able to go towards better purposes first. Like search engine optimization services :)

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