5 SEO tips for High Impact w/ Low Effort

23 Jul
Written by Anonymous
SEO from a developers POV (look like anyone we know?)

Search Engine Optimization - Developer Style

Apparently developers know more than they are letting on about search engine optimization and proper use of the techniques. A recent blog showed me what our developers are seeing as the highest return for the least amount of effort. And I only thought they would be interested in SEO if they were allowed to build an insane algorithm that would secretly give a Paladin Elf (wielding a Cataclysm's Edge sword) war cry every time a search query correctly chose their site for the front page. But I digress, and here are your...

5 Top SEO Tips from Developers - Quick SEO Fixes

  • Title Tags- build dynamic title tags for each page
  • Canonical URL tag-don't use those numbers up there unless it is part of what you are trying to rank for
  • Permalinks- rewrite and redirect your links properly and the engines will love you
  • Robots.txt- don't let the spiders go where you don't want them to
  • Image Alt Tags- perfect place to add your keyword rich content, just make sure it has something to do with the image it is attached to

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