Use Internet Search Marketing, Not Spam

10 Nov

"Spam will be a thing of the past in two years' time" so said Bill Gates in January of 2004. Now that we are finishing off 2008, we can safely say that good ole William was definitely wrong and it will be a long time, if ever, before we are rid of the awful spammers. Even today the staff at Outcome3 all received a mass amount of e-mails from a spammer trying to get to a huge mail list and create link juice but to no avail. The perpetrator probably wishes he didn't do this now since my boss is not a fan of these people and has a malicious revenge streak that is loading their bandwidth and inboxes with some retributive, shall we say, informationally large and tasteless pictures. I guess to beat the spammer, you have to become the spammer.
This was also the thinking behind a study saying that out of 12,500,000 million e-mails, a spammer gets one sale...which is good enough to make money. A team of seven computer scientists from Berkeley became spammers by hijacking over 75,000 pcs using "proxy bots" to send out the e-mails (maybe a little unethical for a university) about their fake pharmaceuticals and got a response which would have been the equivalent of 7,000$ a day. Very worth it for anyone. 
Even with felony convictions for some spammers in the news, the money these guys are getting is too good for them to stop. It is up to the rest of us to not buy anything from a spammer or do any spamming. One dumb@*s in 12,500,000 is pretty good, but is still helping them make enough to keep using this medium. 95% of all e-mails sent in 2007 were spam. This is why internet marketing has gotten a bad name over the last few years and makes our jobs  as internet marketers harder and the need for us to be more vigilantly white hat in our campaigns greater.
When it comes to Vancouver search marketing, search engine optimization and any form of internet marketing, Outcome3 is the most transparent and white hat as a internet marketing company can get. You will never see any spam out of us...unless, of course, you are the spammer!

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