Internet Marketing Weekly Reads

13 Dec
Written by jpjanze

Watch out for Matt Cutts! or, fake Matt Cutts to be exact.

Fake Matt Cutts has been seen popping up lately commenting on blogs on behalf of his real namesake. Oddly enough, the fake Matt isn't just going around flaming and swearing and carrying on as one might expect rather, fake Matt is answering Google SEO questions (incorrectly) on webmaster blogs. It hasn't been frequent, but confusing enough for Matt (the real Matt Cutts) to write a post about it

The Decline of Organic Links Infographic

How Google Hit Organic Links.

SEO Infographic by SEO Book

Wake Up SEOs, the New Google is Here

A great article posted on SEOMoz and written by Gianluca of looking at the present and future Google, how it is changing and what SEO's need to consider in the coming year

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