Internet Marketing Legends - Seth Godin

03 Sep
Seth Godin- Master of Internet Marketing

What does Seth Godin know about Internet Marketing?

Seth, the founder of Squidoo, is a regular speaker at notable events like TED, has written many books about marketing and has also popularized the term "permission marketing". Opposite of interruption marketing, permission marketing is where a business has asked if the customer might be interested and is then "allowed" by that customer to further the sales cycle. A great example is e-mail marketing: a company has to get permission from a potential customer before sending them any sort of correspondence.

The best form of permission marketing is by using search engine optimization to get to the top of search engines. If someone has a query on Google, they are looking for business or information on something you may know a little about and may have a site dedicated to. For instance, if someone searches for "internet marketing services" and they clicked on the results of an Internet Marketing Company, that company is given permission by the user to show him/her what they are offering.

With permission marketing, business is built more on relationships and a one to one basis rather than a marketing segment or target market. The individual is looking for your product and with search engine optimization, you can make sure your product is found.

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