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06 Aug
Written by Anonymous
SEO for Bing and BaddaBING...Your Gold

Tips on Ranking and SEO for Bing Search Engine

Now that Bing has acquired Yahoo!'s search technologies for the next ten years, it might be a good idea to get your site optimized for Bing. A lot of these tips are the same for Google and other search engine spiders so a lot of these tips translate across the board. That being said, to SEO for Bing only takes a few easy adjustments to your site.

Tips on SEO for Bing

  • Text and Keywords are SEO Gold- Bing seems to like pages with 300-350 words or more
  • Older Domain Ages-if your domain hasn't been around for years, think about buying an older one or buy a bunch of years on the back end
  • Title Tags a Must- Bing likes titles but it has to be matching to the text or it doesn't count
  • Links - Coming in AND Going Out- Linking out hasn't always been a good thing with Google but (and I am not totally sold on this one) everyone is saying Bing is better for you when you do share a link or ten
  • Keep Your URLs Static and Simple- long numbered or confusing urls nobody likes, so make sure you have the title of the page or other keywords to use and then separate them by a dash. Make sure your urls aren't always changing either.
  • Keywords to Content- They have to match and match well or you might be BADDABINGED off instead of just Bing'd.

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