Social Media Users are ACTIVE! (really active!)

03 Feb
Written by jpjanze
Social Media Report Q3 2011 - Nielson
I love these reports and infographics that come out of the big analyst organizations - in many cases, if it weren't for them we wouldn't know as much as we do about the profiles, habits, behaviours etc of things online. In their recent Social Media Report: Q3 2011Nielson dug deep into the social media world and its denizens to uncover some truly staggering statistics that I will share with you over the coming weeks. The first one is just a general overview of the average social media user and how their online and offline worlds relate - very interesting and contrary to a somewhat common belief that social media users are being sheltered from the 'real world'. According to Nielson's research, social media users are highly social, both online and off. For all you business out there, even more reason to build your brand! 53% of active social networkers follow a brand! (and for you single people out there, social media users are 45% more likely to go on a date!)

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