Social Media Tips - Twitter 101

23 Mar
Written by Anonymous

What is Twitter and Why is it Such a Big Deal?

Twitter is used for social networking in a very mini-blogger kind of way. Basically, you use it to update people in 140 characters or less on various things through-out your day/week/month depending on how often you want to update. Twitter is free and is a very easy way to update on the go. It is also an excellent way to put out little things you find here and there on the web: an interesting site, a Youtube video, a great blog about Twitter and so-on. Many use it for advertising their own wares, too.

Sending out tweets has become a main stream phenomenon as it has made its way to cartoons and even the Daily Show. We can see the truth in this with the amount of applications and sites dedicated to making Twitter much more usable. You can even co-ordinate all of your other social media with Twitter so when you update Facebook, it will do Twitter and vice-versa.

So how does one use this to their advantage, especially in business? It is a great way to connect to many people in many different businesses. You can search for certain key words and find people connected to the term you are searching for. You start to follow them and they are usually connected to like minded people that you can start to follow as well. Many, when followed, will follow you back (the courteous thing to do). When you have a question or a business you would like to know about, you post it and it usually gets answered promptly. Unfortunately, a lot of people will also create personas that tout their business or direct you to an affiliate site(maybe watch out for the hot girl who is trying to get you on Adult Friend Finder).

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