Top SEO Tips from Top SEO Companies

27 Nov
Written by Anonymous

It always pays to see what your competition is doing as far as blogs and the information they are willing to part with. I am constantly reading other blogs to find new tips and reinforce the things I already know. So I compiled what I think are some of the top seo tips from many of the tops seo companies around.

Keywords and KEI- Keywords are what make the search engines go round. Without them strategically picked and placed, your site won't be registered for anything. Use a good keyword analysis tool and make sure you can find out the keyword effectiveness indicator which will give you how many times a term is searched for compared to how many sites are registering for it. The higher the KEI the better.
Links- Getting links to your site is one of the most important things to help boost yourself up on a search engine but make sure you are doing it in an organic way. Search engines will always find out if you are devious in creating your link juice.
Anchor Text- The links coming back to your site come from text that is attached to your link. What that text says means something to the spiders so you should use the proper keywords you want to rank for as that text. But, make sure it is relevant cause you don't want to alienate visitors and make them feel ripped off when the land by not giving them what they expect.
Meta Tags, Title Tags and H1 Headers- many people have been saying for the last little while that meta tags don't matter but this isn't true, they don't matter as much. It is still a perfect way to get yourself noticed by other search engines and stick long tail key words without looking spammy.
I hope the TOP SEO TIPS from the TOP SEO Companies  helped you with your quest to optimize.

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