Twitter has Spammers and Scammers: Who Knew?

16 Jul
Written by Anonymous
Twitter Fail Whale- Give those spammers your personal fail whale

How to Give Twitter Scammer's Your Fail Whale

I read an article this past weekend in the Vancouver Sun stating what I thought to be obvious- Spammers and scammers follow the crowd to Twitter. As I was about to criticize them for what seemed to be an elementarily evident statement, i realized how most internet users might not know the danger lurking in every social media alley.

So instead of talking about how this article was a little late to the plate, I am going to re-iterate some of the key points:

  • Don't automatically follow all that follow you (even though I do)- Check and make sure you know them or want to here what they have to say (their updates)
  • Follow Twitter's Spam Watch account- you can also send a direct message to @spam and declare them spammers
  • Watch what web addresses you click on- only click on the URLs from trusted sources
  • Just because a message has your name doesn't make it legit- there is good software out there to send thousands of messages all at once that are all personalized
  • Update your security software- no brainer and easy to do...SO DO IT!
  • Don't RT (retweet- send out again) spam- if you think it is spam, don't keep it going, you will just annoy people and then get called a spammer yourself
  • Don't buy Twitter Followers- you aren't going to ever get to the status of Ashton Kutcher (@aplusk is 2.5 million and growing) so why purchase when you can organically grow. They are probably lists of spammers anyway.

On a final note and one that The Sun didn't mention, watch out for the incredibly hot girls with lots cleavage tha