What Would You do to Change or Improve SEO?

06 Jan

A question like this was posed by Randfish from SEOmoz and I thought it to be very pertinent to all the search engine optimization companies and mostly to the Vancouver search marketing scene. Wth how young this industry is, there are probably a plethora of great answers. Since Vancouver is a very "new city", comparatively speaking, we have the advantage of doing new and innovative things that most traditional cities are too scared to try.


His answer was very astute and wise. Become more professional in the search engine optimization industry. There is a lot of name calling and dung hurling that goes around in every industry. With this one, everyone is connected so it comes out a lot quicker and easier. Some of it deserved and others are just babies who can't get their ego in check. What is amazing is how no-one cares anymore about how permanent and easily found much of this stuff will be years down the road. Would you rather have a potential boss find your unpleasant molevolent blog about your past co-workers, or would you rather him/her find nothing but astute and wise, fact based, unbiased, objective opinions?


Going back to Randfish, this is what he had to say:

  • "Argue and debate, both online and in-person, in more constructive ways
  • Do more to reward those who contribute consitently positive, valuable material
  • Do less to reward those who contribute personal attacks, overly sensitive egos & negativity
  • Refrain from cliques and gossip 
  • As a group, apply more principles of the Scientific Method to our practices
  • Think more holistically and long-term about SEO"


All very good ideas, very hard to implement and doubtful to see come to fruition, but very good ideas. So what would I do? I am a junior in this industry and leave the big changes up to others for now...or maybe it will be a post I come back to in the future. For now, I think the biggest improvement would be for myself to follow the suggestions above and encourage others to do so as well. And above all... to be honest with myself and all others around me.

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