Changes To Google Webmaster Tools and Sitemaps

11 Jun
Written by Lyal Avery

Google has announced that along with their upcoming update to Webmaster Tools that they'll be extending the Google XML Sitemap format.

The larger sitemap size is a bit of a funny announcement.  Previously the Google Spam team has criticized sites for having too many pages.  The webmaster team appears to recognize that some dynamic sites (such as MLS listing sites, or large aggregators) have *many* pages of content.  It's good to see Google supporting these properties, as they're an important part of the online landscape.  Here's to Google Spam getting on board!

The processing and time to live feature will help a lot.  We've seen many of our customers setup an XML feed, and then wait for a few days before it gives feedback.  This means that many never return to this very useful tool!

The biggest announcement our opinion is the change in the XML format to allow for more granular feature control.  This means that a good SEO company can better dictate the importance of a given page on a site.

We're thinking of doing a review of the new features and a vidcast for effecient usage of Webmaster Tools.  If this is something you'd like to see, please let us know!

Original link: here.

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